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DIY Basketry Kit for intermediates | Waste/Plant Basket
DIY Basketry Kit for intermediates | Waste/Plant Basket
DIY Basketry Kit for intermediates | Waste/Plant Basket

DIY Basketry Kit for intermediates | Waste/Plant Basket

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Waste Basket Kit

• 180 g – finished product,
• 240 g – packed product

Product Dimensions: W x L x H: 18cm X 18cm X 21cm
Packed Dimensions: 28cm X 36cm X 6cm

Product Contents:

• 1 x wooden blank• 80cm pieces of 2.5 mm centre cane for spokes

• Coils of 2.5 mm centre cane for weavers

• Illustrated, easy-to-understand instructions

• Fabric drawstring bag which can be re-used.

This is a DIY basketry kit for children and adults, and it contains everything you need to create your own rattan Waste Basket.
This is a longer project, suitable mainly for intermediate weavers.

Basketry has been done by people around the world for thousands of years. It
can be a fascinating, relaxing and satisfying creative hobby for both children
and adults who desire to connect with history and nature.
• A perfect natural, organic gift for your loved ones

Features and Benefits:
• You can add colour to your tray by soaking in cold tea, coffee, food
colouring or other natural paint for several minutes and leaving it to dry.
• You can also apply matt/semi-glossy spray varnish or oil to make it extra
durable and water-proof.
• Improves hand-eye coordination; a relaxing, therapeutic activity.
• You will work with natural materials; 100% Handmade.
• You can learn the basics of an ancient, 1000s of years old craft.
• Improves focusing, following patterns.
• You can make something useful, durable and beautiful.
• Invite your friends for a cup of tea, and surprise them serving on your
self-made tray.
• Fun activity for birthday parties, after school activities or home-
Health and Safety Notices:
• Suitable from age 8+.
• A bowl of warm water and pair of scissors are used, so adult supervision
is required.
• Activity might create slippery surface.

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Zero Waste Product, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, Christmas gift, Vegan, Handmade, Craft, Children gift, for Her.