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About Me

Hi, my name is Judit and I am the designer and maker of WonderWeaver Design. I found basketry 10 years ago just after my children were born. As you can imagine, with two little munchkins in the house, I needed a relaxing hobby to complete at home that I could pick up and put down; basketry was my answer.

My children have been the driving force in my life and after seeing my son put a woven basket on his head and call it a crown, I realised that the imagination of our littlest treasures was a clue to what they wanted. I started designing unique crowns and they have been a huge success for children's birthday parties or as presents, or simply a prop to let their imagination overflow.

This little success gave me a lot of enthusiasm and drive to come up with new designs and extend the range. We are lucky enough to live in the heart of the Ashdown Forest and nature has inevitably a huge impact on me. I find plenty of inspiration while wandering in the woods - acorns, mushrooms, animal head bands and even fairy houses.

Basket weaving is a joyful and relaxing activity for both adults and children, and proven to have many educational benefits as well. It helps/ improve hand-eye coordination, concentration and creativity. Working with natural materials and creating something from scratch is not only beautiful but gets you to spend more quality time with your little ones too.

If you are just starting out or your little one wants to try out their hands at basketry, these DIY kits are perfect as a gift and will show you what you are capable of. On the top of it you will have a beautiful and functional handmade item when you have finished. A gift that keeps on giving.