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DIY Basketry Kit for beginners | Medium Round basket
DIY Basketry Kit for beginners | Medium Round basket
DIY Basketry Kit for beginners | Medium Round basket

DIY Basketry Kit for beginners | Medium Round basket

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This is a DIY basketry kit for children and adults, and it contains everything you
need to create your own rattan Medium Round Basket.
Suitable for beginner weavers, but it's fun for intermediates as well.

• 100 g – finished product,
• 210 g – packed product

Product Dimensions: W x L x H: 18cm X 18cm X 7.5cm
Packed Dimensions: 28cm X 36cm X 4cm

Product Contents:
• 1 x wooden blank
• Short pieces of 2.5 mm centre cane for spokes
• Coils of 2.5 mm centre cane for weavers
• Short pieces of flat cane for weavers
• Illustrated, easy-to-understand instructions
• Fabric drawstring bag which can be re-used.

Basketry has been done by people around the world for thousands of years.
It can be a fascinating, relaxing and satisfying creative hobby for both children
and adults who desire to connect with history and nature.
• A perfect natural, organic gift for your loved ones.

Features and Benefits:
• You can add colour to your basket by soaking in tea, coffee, food
colouring or other natural paint for several minutes and leaving it to dry.
• You can also apply matt/semi-glossy spray varnish or oil to make it extra
durable and water-proof.
• Improves hand-eye coordination; a relaxing, therapeutic activity.
• You will work with natural materials; 100% Handmade.
• You can learn the basics of an ancient, 1000s of years old craft.
• Improves focusing, following patterns.
• You can make something useful, durable and beautiful.
• Keep your favourite objects in this basket.
• Fun activity for the festive season, birthday parties, after school activities
or home-schooling.

- Suitable from age 8+.
- A bowl of warm water and pair of scissors are used, so adult supervision is required.
- Activity might create slippery surface.

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